• Our Expertise

    Our Expertise

    Localization Services

    Our exclusive industry focused solutions help companies achieve their localization effectively.

    Our Services Include

    • Document Translation
    • Website Translation
    • Localization Testing

    E-Learning Services

    With our domain expert content development & ID team, we deliver the most interactive E-Learning solution

    Our Services Include

    • Content development
    • Voiceover
    • etc

    Voiceover Service

    To deliver the most professional voiceover services we have a Hi-Tec inhouse recording studio.

    Our Services Include

    • Multilingual Voice recording
    • AV sync
    • Dubbing
    • Subtitling

    Staffing Services

    To deal with language services within client premises, we provide high quality linguistic resource to get the business done right

    Animation Services

    Explore of power of interactive animation and videos with us.

    Our Services Include

    • Character designing
    • Conceptualization
    • Animation designing
    • AV integration
    • Multilingual support
  • What is Localization

    What is Localization

    Localization, is the process of making your product or services adaptable to your target locale. This involves translation service to get the information translated to the target locale language to offer better understanding to the end user. The world gets confused about the translation and localization. What is the difference between them?
    Localization refers to the set of translation of documents, adapting to the cultural aspects and preparing the communications around the product as per the target audience. Translation Service it referes to only the translation of documents from one language to other. Localization plays a very critical factor in the success of global enterprises. Multiple surveys conducted have revealed that customers who are able to find information about a global product or service in their language get converted faster.

  • Why you need Localization

    Why you need Localization

    Global Reach

    Market research says costumers around the world prefer to buy your product or service from your website if they find information in their own language.

    Improved Client Experience

    Talking to your customer in the language they speak make them feel how much you care for them. A happy customer is key to business growth

    Reduce Risk

    Localization not only increases your revenue but it but also reduces the risk involved in landing up serious language fails

    Effective Marketing

    The most effective marketing strategy is incomplete without localization. Data says that only 31% of world understands English.

    Improved Brand Value

    Every company wants to build a brand that is known by all. This can happen only when people understand you well.

  • Quick Facts About US

    Quick Facts About US

    15 Yrs

    Young & Innovating


    Hours of Audio recordings

    > 500M

    Words translated & counting


    Hours of E-Learning content localized


    Global Client


    Domain expert Natives