Management Team

R.S. Shanbhag

R.S.Shanbhag is the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Valuepoint Group. Under his stewardship, Valuepoint has grown to be one of the most trusted and recognised IT companies in India. The company has remained profitable in all its years of operation, right from its inception. Heading a team of over 2000 professionals, Shanbhag’s vision and foresight have enabled Valuepoint to consistently stay at the forefront of technology and transition into emerging technological paradigms. To keep pace with the trends of industry, he has identified newer domains of growth and participation, for the belief in keeping pace with industry trends and market growth has helped Valuepoint Knowledgeworks to clock growth every financial year by exploring new dimensions in the language services industry.

Sampath Kumar

Vice Chairman
Sampath Kumar is the Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Valuepoint Group. He was instrumental in building up the organisation from the grass-roots level, right from setting up the team for business development to excelling in Client management. He played a key role in drawing large enterprises and corporate clients, both multinational and domestic, into Valuepoint’s Client base. Sampath brought in leading brands across the industry segments to Valuepoint and retained them throughout. Sampath started his career at SS Compwares Pvt. Ltd. prior to his journey as a successful entrepreneur. Sampath holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication from Karnataka University.

Padma B.G

Chief Executive Officer
Since the day of inception, Padma B.G. has played a key role in nurturing Knowledgeworks and helping it grow into a market leader. She previously worked for 11 years with Unilever Industries as a research scientist. Padma leads and manages the worldwide operations of Knowledgeworks. Besides being responsible for achieving profitable growth, Padma is also responsible for ensuring that our Clients are “delighted” with the projects we deliver and with our customer service ethos. As a person with an eye for detail and drive for perfection, she has ensured that Knowledgeworks attained the key industry position that it holds today and continues to build key differentiators for the company. Padma holds a post graduate degree from Annamalai University.

Sudarshan SK

Chief Sales Officer
Sudarshan SK started his stint at our parent company Valuepoint Systems 18 years ago. Today, he heads Sales for Valuepoint Knowledgeworks. Sudarshan has been instrumental in managing small, medium and large enterprise clients. He is the driving force behind the Knowledgeworks Sales department and has successfully managed many Client relationships over a decade with a high degree of customer retention.
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