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The Internet has now become the go-to medium for everybody who is looking for information. In fact, it is now the fourth basic utility in most of our daily lives. We have apps for almost all our daily needs, social media sites for keeping in touch with our friends and search engines for our information requirements.

Improvement in connectivity and the utility of such apps has had a serious effect on our lifestyle. However even with around 850 million smartphones users in the country, only about 100 million internet users are using most of these apps and services. The barrier here is simply ‘the language used’. If India wants to bring the rest of their users online, then local language content generation will be the key factor in making that change.

According to a report, only 1% of existing internet users communicate in English, 39% of users communicate in Hindi while an overwhelming 60% users converse in their mother tongue. As the country’s regional language-speaking users are logging onto the internet, content providers must take their language preferences into account and design their applications accordingly. Clearly, the market opportunity is huge and there is an imminent need to increase the content platforms in order to give the users a choice of language they prefer to communicate in.

With rising internet usage level in the country, demand for localized content is also increasing rapidly. Especially if you are looking for expanding your business and your content to the rural market in the country. At present, the rural population in the country uses the internet mainly for entertainment, which is followed by communication and social networking. However, this can be changed if we provide the end users what they want – high quality, user-friendly and easy to access local language content. That is why it is recommended that digital platforms and language solutions must design their products and services with this in mind.

Global giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter are already working on bridging the language gap through their language-enabled features. Therefore, with the new age companies also joining the drive to create services and content in local languages, it is sure to bring in more users and drive higher engagement and transaction.


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