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Our clients rely on us for our efficient and hassle-free project management at every stage of the Hi-Tech translation process


As marketers look to leverage the innumerable benefits of doing business in international markets, the demand for hi-tech industry translation services is augmenting. Translating and localizing your technical documents, software and marketing collateral is a necessary and inevitable factor in succeeding in global markets.

Drawing on our extensive experience, reliability and our adaptability to different industry verticals, we produce high quality work that truly engages global audiences which includes translations of websites, manuals and even catalogues. With our meticulous quality assurance process and rigorous terminology controls, we make sure that our deliveries are accurate and precise with cultural consideration and industry awareness.

Key services for your hi-tech industry

  • Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Voiceover
  • eLearning Module Development

Accuracy is critical when translating technical content for hi-tech industry. Our translation services and translator selection processes adhere to quality standards and therefore always result in accurate and precise content. Our translators have actual work experience in handling industry specific projects and are skilled researchers. Moreover, they are increasingly aware of the cultural barriers in translation including local laws, quality guidelines, international safety regulations and even buyer preferences.

With immense experience and resources to offer professional language services, we have been providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to the requirements of our clients in the hi-tech industry. Our team consists of qualified specialists including professional translators, editors, proof-readers, programmers and web designers. To ensure high quality, we work only with competent language experts who have the required educational background as well as substantial work experience in translation and localization for hi-tech industry. This way our dedicated team and our quality management system ensure that the final outcomes are accurate and error-free.

Our translation services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Technical Documents

User Manuals & Guides
Troubleshooting Guides
Technical Reports
Instructional Documents
Technical Specifications
White Papers
Administration Guides
Learning/Training contents
Web Content
Online Help

Business documents

Letters & Proposals
Press Releases
Commercial Invoices
Purchase orders
Bill of lading
Business presentations
Inter-office memos
Marketing campaigns and negotiations
Marketing Collaterals
Labels, Menus & Messages

Hi-Tech Documents

Software GUI &Test Cases
Project Essential Documents
UI Strings/Mobile Strings
Electronic Drawings
Application Description/Documentation
Mobile Application
IT Programming
Software Components
Screens/Hot Keys

We work hard to make sure that our infrastructure and knowledge keeps pace with the innovative hi-tech industry so that we can offer solutions that are adaptable to your requests. Our team of experienced linguists ensure that for every project we produce flawless deliverables that will help our clients in creating sustainable and profitable documents. Our clients rely on us for our efficient and hassle-free project management at every stage of the hi-tech translation process; and for meeting expected requirements every single time.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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