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As an experienced full-service translation and localization company, we work with major brands in the manufacturing industry and provide services in all major languages.

Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries are worldwide enterprises. The process of converting raw materials into finished products involves different countries, multiple locations and consequently, various languages. Raw materials may originate in one country, additional parts required may come in from other countries and the final production may occur in a completely different country. As your manufacturing company increasingly expands, one of the major challenges you face would be the coordination of all the communication amidst the language and cultural barriers. Valuepoint Knowledgeworks can assist you in overcoming these barriers and help you in efficiently communicating throughout the world. As an experienced full-service translation and localization company, we work with major brands in the manufacturing industry and provide services in all major languages.

We offer a full set of language services to help your company reach out to new markets, easily manage your global supply chain and train your employees. We pride ourselves on our accurate and localized translations that are produced in any format that you require and completed within your designated timeline. We also make sure that the translated content complies with the local requirements and is therefore easily comprehended by the end user. Years of experience in handling industrial manufacturing documents has given us in-depth knowledge of the industry and helped us in creating personalized solutions for individual projects.

Key services for your manufacturing business

  • Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Voiceover
  • eLearning module development

Our highly trained technical translators are not just language experts, but also have additional qualifications and long-term experience working in Manufacturing industry vertical. We ensure that all our editors, translators and proof-readers have adequate training and work experience to handle any kind of documents pertaining to the industry. Our scrupulous quality check system guarantees error free translation for all our projects. Also, we understand that some of your projects require immediate action and we are fully equipped to provide fast services to our clients.

Our translation services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Technical Documents

User Manuals & Guides
Troubleshooting guides
Technical reports
Instructional Documents
Technical specifications
White papers
Training Materials

Business documents

Business Letters
Press Releases
Commercial Invoices
Purchase Orders
Bill of lading
Business presentations


Product Specifications Patents
Legal & Regulatory Documents
Research Documents
Installation Manuals
Marketing & Sales collateral
Material Safety Data Sheets
Product Labelling, Packaging and Catalogues
Site Surveys

Here at Knowledgeworks, we understand how rapid technological advances, increased globalization and short product lifecycles have given way for rapid and cost-effective business solutions. To stay ahead in the competition, you require accurate, fast and reliable translators that are in compliance with the industry standards.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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