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Globalization has opened up new avenues for business growth and opportunities for financial benefits. However, it also comes along with the challenge of considering multiple languages, cultures, religions, and laws across borders – the challenge of localization.

What exactly is ‘localization’?

Localization is simply the process of adapting content or a product to a specific local market. Do not confuse it with translation. The translation is just one of the several aspects of the localization process. The term localization includes the creation of content that suits the culture and consumption habits of the regional population. Also, it takes into account the formats of the local markets, adherence to local legal requirements and conversions to local measurements and currencies.

Localization is not merely an option for companies that are aiming to go global. It is now a necessity for brands, a strategic plan that can help your business survive in a foreign country. By localizing your website, marketing campaigns, and products, you are making your brand more recognizable in regional markets.

Why is localization so important for your business?

  • Improves revenues and prevents embarrassment

Your marketing campaigns are unsuccessful if they fail to reach your target audience. Incorrect translations can cause just that. It can have further ramifications if the translations are embarrassing or offensive. Such cases can seriously damage your brand identity and image.

Adaptation of a service or product can make it understandable and discoverable. You have to ensure that all the content related to the product is in the regional language. This includes all the marketing material and the website as well.

  • Reduces risks and costs

Venturing into a new market is usually an expensive affair and you only get one chance to get it right. If you are not sensitive towards the regional culture while reproducing your campaigns, websites, manuals, and software, it can negatively impact your brand image.

  • Adds value to your brand

Localizing a product or service creates the impression that it has been made exclusively for the customer. It shows that you respect your customers’ culture and language. It shows that you care. This can add value to your brand and enhance your reputation.

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