Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Integrated Digital Marketing Services has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade. With the popularity and easy reach to online resources like search engines & social networking resources, companies are shifting their focus to the integrated digital marketing services. Our expert research team has designed a solution to address the digital marketing requirements. Using the base of ‘RACE’ methodology our team has Developed, Tested and Proven a strategy which enables our clients get the maximum results with very low cost. The main feature of our solution is that we don’t a ‘one size fits all approach’ every business is different and every company has specific targets. We customize the solution for every client to achieve the maximum results.


  • Cost Effective

  • Easy Fit

  • 360 degree monitoring

Looking at the market today we felt the need of a cost efficient and highly effective integrated digital marketing services. Our solution has proven to meet both the criteria.
Our solution is highly flexible and it finds a easy fit in your current marketing strategy. Our motto was to develop a strategy which can compliment the existing marketing to achieve higher results.
It is very important to have a proper testing, analysis & monitoring approach to the digital marketing strategy. Our solution has been bundled with effective methodologies to address these. Timely and effective health check of our implementation helps us deliver the right results.


SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Drive web traffic and gain mass attention for your organization through our suite of social media marketing services. We lay down the content strategy for our clients to ensure the right message, reaches the right people, at the right time. We generate content for your social media channels that increases engagement, awareness & closures. We drive results for our clients from our research based targeted content marketing, by harnessing the power of major social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. based on the target audience segmentation.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

We deploy the right SEM technique based on the thorough competitive and industry research to put the investment in the right direction. Using the right methods for Keyword planning & refined bidding, we design the right SEM strategy to fit your revenue goals. We cover all the major search engines and use the required tools to achieve our targets. We extensively use research & implementation tools to achieve and track our goals

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Microsoft Adcenter
  • Keywords
  • Ad groups
  • Ad copy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the major activities which every company need. The way the SEO is achieved has seen a big change. We provide our services aligned with the most recent SEO practices to gain the right visibility. We design our strategy by data collection from competitive analysis, keyword difficulty & search volumes.
SEO is not limited only to the keywords, search engine take a lot of other factors like backlinks to rank your page. Some of the activities we undertake to design the solution for SEO include:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Site structure analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Strategy reports
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

With Online Reputation Management, we help you build and maintain the online reputation of your brand & business. Our ORM service is aimed at monitoring the online reputation of your product or service on the internet, addressing content which presents the subject in poor light, and using customer feedback solutions to gather early warning signs of negative publicity. Most of ORM is focused on addressing the negative feedback, monitoring and removal of negative search results & enhancing the positive search results. ORM involves the following:

  • Brand communication monitoring
  • Blog monitoring
  • Directory submissions and monitoring
  • Article submissions and monitoring
  • Press release submissions and monitoring
  • Classified submissions and monitoring
  • Review sites monitoring

Online Media Planning & Buying

Through media planning, we find the most appropriate media platforms for the Client’s brand. It involves determining the best combination of media to achieve the objectives of a given marketing campaign for the Client.
Media Buying, a part of advertising management, is the procurement of media at optimal placement and price. The main task of media buying involves negotiation of price and placement to ensure that the best possible value can be secured.
This includes:

  • CPM
  • Top portals
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • New Media

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is fast evolving in the marketing industry and has successfully made the marketer-consumer relationship more viable, engaging and interactive. Email marketing campaigns are powerful and attract new prospects to your business. They also help develop businesses and build Client relationships. In the recent years, email marketing has proved to be a basic marketing platform for most of the companies, retailers, businesses and markets.

Website Development

Web development is an integral part of Knowledgeworks’s business infrastructure. Our web developers are highly experienced, having collectively built numerous websites. This wealth of experience has been demonstrated in the vast amount of websites that we’ve put live till date. They are also diverse in their abilities; building websites of all forms including CMS and eCommerce platforms, completely bespoke web solutions and working to integrate third party technologies.

Knowledgeworks provides website development solutions that make you stand out, work in conjunction with your business and make a difference to your corporate goals. We offer web development as a standalone service and work with clients to improve the functionality and user experience on their website, as well as development work for SEO purposes.

We work with all the major web platforms: Java, PHP and .NET as well as Ruby on Rails and Python. If you want ‘cutting edge’, we work with frameworks like Play and Grails, and the JavaScript backbone.js and node.js frameworks. We have also used memcached, and servers like Nginx for high performance applications.


We use many indicative metrics to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. We use data to measure marketing actions against real-world results, and draw on these insights to improve key performance indicators. This enables us to route future marketing initiatives more effectively. Every aspect of our above-listed marketing campaigns is geared towards forming personal connections that convert short-term leads into long-term customers.

  • Content Development

  • Linguistic Services

  • Technical Development

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