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2D & 3D Animation Services

With the advent of the digital age and consequent mass media and internet revolution, the demand for animation services has surged manifold. The animation is now an indispensable part of mass media, education, entertainment, and marketing. And the widespread penetration of social media channels into our daily lives has only added to this demand.

Knowledgeworks has garnered an elaborate knowledge base in developing animations of various types for corporate videos, short films, video games, eLearning content and television, among others. This includes 2D & 3D Animation Services, virtual simulations, special effects, animated gifs and other elements.

Our expert animators produce immersive animations that effectively convey the intended message within the time specified. We conceptualize the whole project – right from scriptwriting, storyboards, voiceover, and integration – the complete package.

And if your project is intended for an audience that is more suited to static information, we provide the best solutions in infographics, which are the current trend in information presentation due to their higher cognition factor even for complex information, and this is important in mass communication.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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