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Translation Services

Started in 2001 as a translation company in Bangalore, translation services continue to be our primary service, and over the last 22 years, we have developed robust and best-in-class expertise in it. We provide translation services in Bangalore for 120+ languages across all leading industry verticals – Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Healthcare, BFSI, MRO, and Media sectors. We cover content as varied as legal documents to complex industrial training manuals, Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) to high-end software user manuals, and patent documents to academic texts. And we provide all this at the most competitive rates in the market.

Our vibrant team of in-house linguists works in sync with our reliable and trusted pool of national and international translators and reviewers working as part of our extended team. This resource pool covers various industry domains and sub-domains.

All our linguists are empanelled based on a rigorous screening process and comply with strict legal clauses to ensure both the quality and confidentiality of our client’s content. As part of our extended resource pool, our electronic resource database boasts of linguists in all major national and international languages, as well as rare and lesser languages like Samoan, Santhali, Syriac and Welsh.

Medical Document Translation Services

Knowledgeworks offers expert medical document translation services in Bangalore, ensuring seamless communication within the healthcare. With a focus on precision and confidentiality, we handle crucial documents like Informed Consent Forms, DMF (Drug Master Files), Case Report Forms, Clinical Trial Protocols, Patient Information Sheets, Drug Dossiers, Toxicology Reports, Patient Related Outcomes, Pharmacovigilance Articles, Pharmacovigilance Reports, Case Studies, Medical Journals, and Aggregate Reports. Each translation adheres to industry-specific terminology, enabling effective collaboration among medical professionals, researchers, and regulatory bodies. Trust Knowledgeworks for accurate and reliable Medical Document Translation, bridging language gaps and facilitating improved healthcare outcomes.  Our dedicated team ensures precise translations, empowering seamless communication and collaboration, ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care and advancing medical research initiatives.

Book Translation Services

At Knowledgeworks, every story, regardless of language, deserves to be heard. Our book translation services in Bangalore not only bridge linguistic gaps and open doors to new cultures and perspectives. With passion, we handle each book, ensuring the translated version captures the original’s emotions and messages. Whether you are an aspiring author or an established writer, our dedicated team supports you in reaching a wider audience. Let your words travel with Knowledgeworks’ Book Translation Services, where stories know no borders, connecting readers beyond languages. Join us, where words transcend boundaries, stories find a global home, and diverse readers embrace cultures worldwide through our seamless book translation services.

Website Translation Services

Knowledgeworks simplifies website translation services in Banglore for you We make your website communicate fluently to people worldwide, regardless of language. Our team ensures your content is straightforward and easy to understand, whether it be for corporate websites or online stores. With Knowledgeworks, your website becomes a global communicator, breaking down language barriers effortlessly. We transform your website into a universally appealing platform, ensuring your message is clear and resonates with audiences from diverse backgrounds. Your website is not just translated; it is transformed into a bridge that unites cultures and fosters understanding. Embrace the opportunity to share your ideas, products, and services with a wider audience, creating meaningful connections that go beyond words. Let us empower your online presence, making your website a beacon of inclusivity and accessibility in the vast digital landscape.

Legal Document Translation Services

Looking for impeccable legal document translation services in Bangalore? Count on Knowledgeworks. We handle all your business’s legal documents with expertise and precision. Our specialized team excels in translating contracts, court papers, patents, and more. We are fluent in the language of business law, ensuring your documents are not only accurate but also tailored to the corporate world. Confidentiality is our priority; we follow stringent legal protocols, earning your complete trust. Whether it is international contracts, intricate legal correspondences, or complex corporate agreements, we guarantee crystal-clear translations. Let us manage the legal jargon professionally. With Knowledgeworks, your legal document translations are in secure, expert hands.

Financial Document Translation Services

Need help in translating your financial or insurance documents? Knowledgeworks has got you covered! We specialize in making complex paperwork easy to understand. Whether it be insurance policies, financial reports, or claims, we translate them using simple and clear language. Our expert team understands the financial and insurance jargon, ensuring accurate and straightforward translations. We prioritize your confidentiality, and handling your documents with the utmost care and security. Whether you are communicating with global investors or international clients, our translations ensure your message is crystal clear. Choose Knowledgeworks for hassle-free, professional, and reliable financial document translation services in Bangalore . With us, language barriers disappear, ensuring seamless communication in the financial world and beyond.

Technical Document Translation Services

Count on Knowledgeworks for seamless Technical Document Translation Services in Bangalore. Our specialized team excels in translating technical documents, manuals, product specifications, and more. We ensure precise and accurate translations, maintaining the integrity of technical terminology. Whether it be engineering documents, IT manuals, or scientific papers, we deliver clear and comprehensive translations tailored to your industry needs. Our commitment to confidentiality and adherence to industry standards guarantee the security of your sensitive information. Trust Knowledgeworks to bridge the language gap in the technical realm, ensuring your technical documents are translated with precision and expertise. With us, your technical content is in safe hands, enabling effective communication across borders and industries.

eLearning Content Translation Services

Rely on Knowledgeworks for expert eLearning content translation services in Bangalore. We specialize in translating educational materials, online courses, training modules, and more, ensuring seamless global accessibility. Our skilled linguists and subject-matter experts deliver accurate translations, preserving the integrity of educational content. Whether it is multimedia presentations, interactive quizzes, or instructional videos, we adapt them flawlessly to your target audience’s language and culture. We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to industry standards, guaranteeing the security of your educational content. Trust Knowledgeworks to transform your eLearning materials, making learning experiences accessible and engaging for diverse learners worldwide. With us, your educational content reaches new horizons, fostering inclusive learning environments for all.



We assess every account to identify specific client requirements that help us build a profile of the right linguistic team to cater to their needs, who are highly qualified and experienced in the domain which is in scope. The team then supports our translation services in Bangalore, after which, it is edited and proofread by expert translators who are resident speakers themselves. All documents are quality checked against pre-defined standards and finally, submitted after a pre-delivery validation.

Process and Quality Check

Our translation services are designed to provide you with complete confidence in the language quality of your translated content. Language quality is thoroughly assessed, at all stages of your project, through an independent audit to ensure that our work maintains the highest degree of precision.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certified translation company and this standard requires specific quality management procedures to be adhered to by itself, in order to maintain certification. Our general approach is as follows.

Efficient and Reliable Processes

We strive not just to attain but also maintain utmost efficiency in all our operations. We assign high importance to time and try to respond to the client’s requirements fast and provide cost-effective solutions for you.

Secure Technology

As a translation company, we utilize cutting-edge software which can significantly reduce translation costs, decrease delivery times for large-scale translation/localization projects, and improve consistency in the use of terminology.


Maintaining client confidentiality is a central priority within all our client relationships. All client data is securely stored, maintained and regularly backed up on our servers depending on client instructions and needs.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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