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Localization Services

Localization services is one of the key offerings of  Knowledgeworks. While translation involves the flat transformation of textual content from one language to other, localization factors in many more subtle elements. It takes into consideration norms, customs, linguistic and cultural sensitivities of the target geographic locale and adapts a product or service accordingly for that locale. Localization can be critical to marketing a product/brand in other regions and help it connect with users in a new locale. It also helps prevent inadvertent cultural and linguistic faux pas.

Localization in the language industry generally involves localizing User Interfaces of software, interfaces of mobile computing and communication devices, websites, and documentation on one hand, and marketing content (both text and multimedia), etc. on the other. And parameters that need modification during localization includes currency, units of measurement, idioms and puns, references from popular media, taboo words, etc.

Localization Testing for Products and Applications

Along with localization of User Interface strings of all kinds, Knowledgeworks also provides localization testing (i.e., linguistic testing) of the final products and applications. This is either offered separately, or as a part of the full localization package. Our localization testing experience includes localization of entire banking software suites, interfaces of consumer mobile devices, UIs of Asset Management and accounting software, portals for the Power & Energy sector, controls and interfaces of industrial machinery, games, etc. We provide localization testing support for over 60+ different languages.

This is made possible by our top-of-the-line localization testing tools and our qualified resource base comprising CAT personnel, language experts and SMEs. We use international language and UI testing environments to simulate the same environment as that of the end-users. Our language experts perform various levels of tests to determine the level of international localization of products and applications.

User Interface and Linguistic check for a localized product by Language experts

With the help of our international language and UI testing environments, we are able to emulate the same environment as the end user whilst taking care that the user has no indication that the software used is localized from one language to the native language. Our language experts perform various tests to determine the level of international-friendliness of products and applications.

Providing language resources for Linguistic testing

Knowledgeworks’ expertise in testing and language services enables us to lead the way in providing the most efficient solutions to linguistic testing. Our language resources are unique among language service providers in the breadth of language tests that we offer to government, healthcare, and business organizations. We are able to provide language translation and testing in various languages anywhere in the world by harnessing the talents of our skilled linguists and subject matter experts with whom we have worked for over a decade on translation, language training, and language testing solutions.

Graphical User Interface testing

Our Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing ensures proper functionality of the GUI for a given application and making sure it conforms to linguistic specifications. We carefully review that the user interface of a product contains no defects such as truncated strings, overlapping controls, misaligned controls, hotkeys duplication, etc, introduced during the localization phase. Most GUI testing can be automated, reducing significantly the cost and duration of this type of testing; although Knowledgeworks performs numerous checks to avoid the risk of errors.

Basic Functionality Test & Acceptance Test

The product globalization lifecycle is incomplete without the functionality and acceptance tests. Knowledgeworks conducts functional testing to find defects early in the overall product development process. We assess how well, different components of the product function together after they have been tested individually. Our functionality testing services aim to verify that the product functions to meet the set requirements.

Acceptance Testing

This testing forms an integral part of functionality testing to check the user acceptance of the product and application. This formal test considers user requirements and business processes, and is conducted to determine whether a system satisfies the acceptance criteria. It enables the users, customers or other authorized entity to decide whether or not to accept the system. The purpose is to evaluate with authority the system’s adherence to the requirements. Knowledgeworks provides testing in localization services for any Asian/European/Indian Languages.

Localization of Products and Tools

Knowledgeworks’ effort in localization of products and tools adapts the product or tools in such a manner that it is able to successfully sustain itself in a foreign market. Due to the vast linguistic diversity between certain international markets, merely translating the text from one language to the other is not enough. A phrase from one language would never carry the same punch when translated to a foreign language. Knowledgeworks recognises that most markets would be hostile to the entry of foreign producers or competitors. Our localization team aims at giving the product or tool a local touch. Once the consumers begin to feel that the product is specifically designed for them, the initial scepticism generates an interest to buy.

While localizing products and tools, our system includes an initial understanding of the operating conditions, meeting functional requirements, adherence to guidelines, acceptance by testing requirements and value addition.

Localization of Software tools, Consumer products and Websites

Knowledgeworks’ process of customizing a software application, product or website in various Asian, European and Indian languages with script aims to suit foreign markets. This process involves translating all native language strings to the target language and customizing the GUI so that it is appropriate for the market to be used in. Knowledgeworks categorizes the process depending on the size and complexity of the software/product/website to be localized. Our localization service spans from a simple process involving a small team of translators, linguists, desktop publishers and engineers to a complex process requiring a Localization Project Manager directing a team of several specialists. Over experience, Knowledgeworks has modified and updated the process regularly to achieve client satisfaction.

Localizing Applications (Software UI strings and Documentation)

Application localization is the process of translating the text and adjusting the functional elements of a software application so it can be used by consumers internationally. At Knowledgeworks, we offer best-in-class methodology and the most advanced localization services technologies to ensure that your software is ready for global deployment by adopting best practices to transfer the intent and usability of documents and user interface from one language to another. We achieve this through – designing for localization, translating software text strings, building and testing.

Knowledgeworks helps you to address cultural nuance to establish trust and create a better overall customer experience.

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