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Localization services in Bangalore for your GUIs, websites, media content and documentations. Our nuanced understanding of the cultural and linguistic sensibilities across the globe helps you effectively localize your digital assets.

Localization Services

Localization services are one of the key offerings of  Knowledgeworks. While translation involves the flat transformation of textual content from one language to another, localization factors in many more subtle elements. It takes into consideration norms, customs, linguistic and cultural sensitivities of the target geographic locale and adapts a product or service accordingly for that locale. Localization can be critical to marketing a product/brand in other regions and help it connect with users in a new locale. It also helps prevent inadvertent cultural and linguistic faux pas.

Localization in the language industry generally involves localizing User Interfaces of software, interfaces of mobile computing and communication devices, websites, and documentation on one hand, and marketing content (both text and multimedia), etc. on the other. Parameters that need modification during localization include currency, units of measurement, idioms, and puns, references from popular media, taboo words, etc.

Game Localization Services

Looking to take your game global? Count on Knowledgeworks for game localization Services that speak the language of gamers worldwide! Our expert team does not just translate; we transform your game, making it relatable to players in different cultures. Whether it is witty dialogues, in-game instructions, or captivating storylines, we adapt everything to resonate with diverse gaming communities. We grasp the nuances of gamers’ language, humor, and pop culture, guaranteeing that your game exudes authenticity and immerses players completely in the gaming world. With us, your game is not just played; it is experienced! Let Knowledgeworks level up your game, breaking language barriers and creating a gaming universe where players from around the globe feel right at home.

Software Localization Services

Want your software to click with users globally? Look no further than Knowledgeworks, we do not just translate; we transform your software into a friendly companion, speaking the language of every user. From tech jargon to everyday talk, we bridge the gap seamlessly, making your software intuitive and relatable. Our team dives into local lingo, ensuring your software feels like a native in any language. With us, your software does not just function; it connects, making users feel right at home. Choose Knowledgeworks for software localization services that go beyond words, creating a digital experience that resonates with users around the world, one click at a time!

App Localization Services

Count on Knowledgeworks for expert app localization services that ensure your app resonates with global users. We do not just translate words; we adapt your app to fit seamlessly into diverse cultures, making it user-friendly and engaging. From user interfaces to app content, we meticulously handle every detail, retaining functionality while enhancing user experience. Our team understands regional preferences, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances, ensuring your app feels native to users worldwide. With Knowledgeworks, your app does not just cross language barriers; it becomes a familiar and intuitive tool for users from different backgrounds. Choose us for app localization that expands your app’s reach, making it a hit in international markets.

Website Localization Services

When it comes to Website Localization, Knowledgeworks is your trusted partner for a seamless global presence. We go beyond translation, ensuring your website resonates with diverse audiences worldwide. Our expert team delves into the cultural nuances, adapting not just the language, but also the content, visuals, and user experience to suit different regions. From product descriptions to interface elements, we tailor every detail to create an authentic and immersive online experience. With our meticulous approach and cultural understanding, your website becomes more than just accessible; it becomes inviting and relatable to visitors from various backgrounds. Choose Knowledgeworks for website localization services that truly connect, making your website a welcoming space for users across the globe.

eLearning Content Localization Services

In the world of eLearning, count on Knowledgeworks for expert eLearning Content Localization services. We transform your educational materials, online courses, and training modules, making them accessible and engaging for diverse learners globally. Our skilled team not only translates but adapts the content to resonate with different cultures, ensuring learners feel right at home. From multimedia elements to interactive quizzes, we customize every detail to create an immersive learning experience. With our meticulous approach and cultural sensitivity, your eLearning content becomes universally appealing, fostering inclusive education environments. Choose Knowledgeworks for eLearning content localization services that break language barriers, making learning an enriching journey for learners from all corners of the world.

Acceptance Testing

This testing forms an integral part of functionality testing to check the user acceptance of the product and application. This formal test considers user requirements and business processes and is conducted to determine whether a system satisfies the acceptance criteria. It enables the users, customers, or other authorized entity to decide whether or not to accept the system. The purpose is to evaluate with authority the system’s adherence to the requirements. Knowledgeworks provides testing in localization services for any Asian/European/Indian Languages.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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