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We provide subtitling services for various media content

Depending on the client’s specifications, our expert linguists provide subtitling services that can replace the standardized subtitles

Subtitling Services

Make your videos and animations accessible to a larger audience, for any platform! We provide subtitling services for various media content at the best prices. Depending on the client’s specifications, our expert linguists provide localized subtitling services that meet the specified standards. We cover areas like media and entertainment, corporate videos, industrial and academic animations, product demos etc. We retain the content and keep the local cultural and linguistic sensibilities in mind. The encoded method can either be pre-rendered with the video or separate as either a graphic or text to be rendered and overlaid by the receiver. This includes multilingual as well as well as same-language captions, i.e, without translation.


It is more challenging than general translation and it requires localizing idioms and references of target culture so that subtitle meanings are conveyed to the targeted audience. It involves edition of text translation into video material by adapting the references and idioms of target culture. Depending on the client’s specifications, our linguists generate localized subtitles that can replace the standardized subtitle track with a localized form replacing references to local custom. This is done especially in case of TV shows, entertainment videos, etc. Utmost care is taken to keep the meaning of the dialogues intact, while complying with the translation length requirements. In cases where the subtitles are not available, we generate the source subtitles for our clients, and then localize to intended languages. We also convert existing subtitles to any technical distribution format. We use the best-in-class tools and technology for this and utilize XML to insert video content that helps us to add subtitles and video content along with text content whenever required.


We provide options for both Hard/Open and Prerendered/Closed subtitles, and support all popular formats like .aqt, .gsub, .jss, .sub, .srt, .ssf, .ass, .usf, .idx, etc. Whether you need to produce subtitles, translation or closed video captioning, we offer this subtitling services with our experienced and regular subtitle translators and quality assurance tools to translate and localize your videos for a global audience. We employ industry-specific quality control processes, terminology creation and management, as well as other value-added quality assurance methods to ensure that your subtitles are consistent and culturally appropriate.

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