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Foreign Language Translation Services in Bangalore

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Company Overview

Knowledgeworks is a certified regional and foreign language translation company in Bangalore providing a broad spectrum of high-end localization solutions to key industry verticals. Founded in 2001 at Bangalore, the technology capital of India, it boasts a client base comprising the Who’s Who of Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Healthcare, BFSI, MRO, and Media sectors, among others. We provide high-quality, reliable and time-bound translation services for any language combination globally. With a robust pool of qualified, domain-specific, and experienced translators and language experts spread across different continents, complemented by a vibrant in-house manpower base.

we strive to meet our clients’ linguistic requirements on the benchmarks of precision, consistency and confidentiality.

At Knowledgeworks, we understand the key role quality localization plays in helping organisations seamlessly enter linguistically and culturally diverse markets and in making their products accessible across linguistic barriers. Whether you plan to localize your software suite’s UI strings into new languages, or to translate your medical brochures with perfect accuracy, whether you want multilingual voiceover for your corporate training kit or rigorous translation of your legal documents, Knowledgeworks can be the trusted partner for all your linguistic needs. Operating on the OTD (On Time Delivery) and FTR (First Time Right) business principles, Knowledgeworks is your one-stop choice where cost-effective and immaculate translation matters.


One of the founders of Knowledgeworks (and current CEO) being an ex-Unilever research scientist, the importance of

learning from experience and building a constantly evolving knowledge base was duly appreciated right from the inception of the organization. In its 22 years of operation in the industry, Knowledgeworks has worked on projects ranging from the general to the highly complex, for Clients that span humble start-ups to Forbes 500 multinational corporations, and for languages as diverse as French or Dutch on one hand, to Amharic or Hebrew on the other. The cumulative knowledge gained from this experience has been progressively passed on to Knowledgeworks’ workforce over these years through documentations, training, knowledge transfers and effective handovers. This has enabled Knowledgeworks to accumulate a robust knowledge base of glossaries, dictionaries, templates, instructions, checklists, project management skills, all compiled through meticulous and diligent work of over a decade, and protected through confidentiality clauses at every stage. We understand the subtle requirements of our clients, the risks and stakes involved in a project, and all this has been incorporated in the work ethos and corporate culture of Knowledgeworks, providing us a vantage position from where we can effectively meet all your linguistic requirements.

Business Credentials

Knowledgeworks has a clean track record in the industry throughout the years it has been in business. We respect the Clients’ requirements for

quality, timeliness and confidentiality. Our entire operational process is geared towards ensuring this. We abide by the terms of our contract and our clients trust us with their critical and important content.

Knowledgeworks is a well-known brand in the language services industry, with good testimonials from existing clients and regular participation in industry events. Its business processes and infrastructure are regularly audited by national and international standards bodies, and the organisation has certifications like ISO 9001:2008 for QMS and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for ISMS. Knowledgeworks’ industry-accredited methodologies follow a First-Time-Right (FTR) and On-Time-Delivery (OTD) approach, and the in-house QAPED team ensures process adherence and monitoring of internal and external resources. Additionally, a tried and tested Business Continuity Process (BCP) ensures timely execution of projects in the face of unforeseen challenges.


Our in-house workforce, organised into various teams, is at par with the best in the industry and recruited based on a stringent criteria of

skills, academic qualifications and experience. Language services is one of those industries where “diversity” makes real business sense and our workforce is truly diverse, comprising employees of different linguistic groups of the nation, and regularly augmented by a floating pool of in-house contractual resources whichcould be as varied as native-speaking European translators to Chinese linguistic testers (all operating from our Bangalore office), with backgrounds as varied as European expatriates living in India to doctoral students from Francophone nations in Africa.

The other key part of our human resources comprises a large pool of freelancers spread across the world, with a range of expertise in various domains. The core of this resource base involves trusted freelancers who have shared a long, steady and mutually rewarding relationship with Knowledgeworks over these years. This could be an ace Finnish translator in Estonia to a voice-over artist in Texas, a programmer-cum-translator in Japan to a Spanish translator in Argentina. This enviable in-house and external resource base of Knowledgeworks can attend to all your requirements professionally and with premium grade of workmanship.

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