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eLearning Content Development Services

The ever-increasing need for business organisations to maintain online presence also fuels a demand for specialized content (primarily text, but also multimedia). Quality and engaging content positively influences readers’ perception about the organisation in general. With its extended team of creative writers, graphic designers, and language editors, Knowledgeworks provides eLearning content development services for both online and offline media platforms. The range of content provided spans a wide range of categories.

Our eLearning content development services process involves a preliminary brainstorming session on the client’s requirements. Pooling of ideas by a dedicated team of experienced writers, followed by content generation, editing, reviewing and formatting. A subsequent Quality Check (QC) process ensures flawless content, whose draft is sent to the client before final release. We have a large resource base of experienced copywriters, copy editors, and trained scripting specialists who understand the sensibilities of the intended audience and can produce effective content accordingly.

Our Content Development Services encompass the following:

Website content development

eLearning content development

Marketing content development

Content editing



eLearning Solutions

The prevalence of the Internet and the widespread penetration of digital media devices has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way people learn, whether at the K-12 level or at the corporate level. This has led to a boom in the demand for eLearning content development services which combines text, audio, video, and animation. To cater to this segment, Knowledgeworks has a dedicated EVM (eLearning, Voiceover, Multimedia) team comprising instructional designers, animators, sound engineers, local and geographically dispersed Voiceover artists, and a state of the art recording studio.
We leverage our above resources to meet your eLearning content requirements with respect to Instructor Led Training (ILT), Web Based Training (WBT), Courseware, Scenario/Simulation and Game based learning programs.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Knowledgeworks develops instructor led training material for a multitude of companies. A well designed ILT material assists the instructor in effectively conveying his/her ideas during training. Generating such content requires special expertise as the material has to be not only informative, but engrossing as well. For this, real world examples are incorporated in the content in order to motivate the audience and to enhance the relevance of the course, along with provisions for discussions and questions to revise the concepts. Knowledgeworks leverages various content development tools to streamline the development of ILT materials. To serve as effective instructors’ aid and to engage the learner, our ILT materials have a neat, professional format and are rich in informative graphics and animations.

Web-Based Training (WBT)

Web based training (WBT) is a real time approach to distance learning which combines computer based training (CBT) with networking technology of the World Wide Web, the Internet, and intranets. Knowledgeworks provides a host of WBT materials that include streaming video, narrative voiceover, quizzes, instructor support, animation, exercises and more.


Knowledgeworks delivers learning methodologies for you that reflect your philosophy of training and development. We offer custom courseware development that supports your company’s products, software applications, and business processes and procedures. Our interactive courseware program provides training and educational solutions through internet and classroom based training.

Simulation and Game-Based Learning

Gamification, or game based training, is the application of aspects of computer gaming to other areas of activity, especially education, and is aimed at improving performance and retention rates in comparison to traditional training methods. It is a cost effective means for large scale training, capable of multi user interaction in simulated environments.
Knowledgeworks offers exclusively designed training solutions by bringing scenarios and abstract concepts to life. We use immersive, 3D virtual environments to teach trainees in customised settings and situations, making those virtually identical to the ones in which they will be performing tasks in real life. The knowledge gained from a simulated environment prepares the trainee to easily replicate the tasks in the real world.

Rapid Learning Methodologies

Rapid Learning Methodologies are a set of methodologies to build eLearning courses rapidly and also to quickly train learners by creating fast development of clear and simple learning resources. This is cost-effective and dramatically reduces the time spent on creating fully customized solutions. You also have the option to update and maintain your own content, putting you in charge. To this end, Knowledgeworks uses the latest and most innovative Rapid Learning tools to develop courses.

Quality Check

At Knowledgeworks, we set ourselves apart from other outsourced training providers through our commitment to providing flexible, superior quality learning solutions that align with your business, cultural, and regional requirements. Knowledgeworks is committed to providing you with quality service and continuous improvement in content development. We strive for excellence in performance by meeting and surpassing the expectations in service level agreements (SLAs) and thereby earning your satisfaction with every interaction.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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