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Our Short term and long term plans are designed to address your linguistic requirements in a highly effective way.

Voice Transcription

We understand the nuances of voice transcription and our teams are dedicated towards offering highest quality transcription.

Language Interpretation

Language connects people and we understand important it is to have the right message delivered to your audience.

Certified Translation Agency in India

In language solutions, Knowledgeworks proudly stands out as the epitome of excellence, offering certified translation services. As the premier translation agency in India, we specialize in breaking down language barriers and connecting businesses with diverse audiences across the globe.

With a comprehensive understanding of over 120 languages, including major Indian and international languages, Knowledgeworks possesses the expertise to cater to the unique linguistic needs of businesses operating in India and around the world. Our team of expert linguists ensures that your message is not just translated but transformed, retaining its essence and impact in every language.

At Knowledgeworks, we follow the stringent TEP model – Translation, Editing, and Proofreading – ensuring the utmost precision and quality in every project. Our commitment to perfection begins with the translation phase, where our experts proficiently translate your content, capturing its nuances and cultural context. The review phase, overseen by seasoned professionals, refines the translated material for accuracy and coherence. Finally, our proofreading team meticulously reviews the content, leaving no room for errors, and ensuring flawlessness before delivery.

What sets Knowledgeworks apart is our unwavering dedication to providing holistic solutions. Beyond translation, we specialize in Localization, a process that tailors your content to specific regional cultures, ensuring it resonates with diverse audiences. Whether it be websites, software interfaces, or marketing materials, our experts delve into the cultural intricacies, making your content relatable and impactful to the target locales..

Choose Knowledgeworks as a certified translation company in India and experience the seamless convergence of linguistic expertise and cultural understanding. Our translation services in India not only bridge gaps but also pave the way for meaningful global connections, enabling businesses to thrive in the intricacies of the international market. Partner with us and witness your words transcend linguistic boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on every audience.

Translation Company in India

Global Reach

Studies show that customers prefer buying products or services from websites in their native language.

Improved Client Experience

Making customers feel valued by speaking their language shows that you care and empathize, leading to satisfied customers and business growth.

Reduce Risk

Localization minimizes linguistic errors and helps boost revenue, ensuring effective and more successful business operations

Effective Marketing

Effective marketing relies on localization; just 31% of the world understands English, highlighting the importance of localized communication for businesses operating internationally.

Improved Brand Value

Having a brand everyone recognizes is only possible when people easily understand your message.



In the planning phase, we collaborate to understand your exact requirement. We create a detailed plan, analyze the content, and seek your approval. It’s like putting all pieces of the puzzle together to make sure everything fits just right for you.



During the execution phase, we process the files using advanced CAT tools, carefully screen and select resources, and proceed with translation and localization. We follow a step-by-step approach, ensuring every milestone is met on time to deliver outstanding results for you.


Quality process

We ensure quality with a thorough two-stage check. Native-speaking experts review, and our in-house team does a final check. We are ISO-certified for our commitment to quality.



In our delivery approach, we prioritize getting it right the first time (FTR) and delivering on time (OTD). We offer post-delivery support, and you will receive translation certificates and credentials as well.

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