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We offer transcription services for a wide range of audio-visual content, spanning technical, legal, entertainment, healthcare, and more.

We use domain-specific voice transcriptionists who provide accurate and exact text renditions of your voice content from conferences and seminars to legal proceedings, from interviews to customer service calls. Our audio transcription services in Bangalore package always includes end-to-end quality check before delivery.

Voice Transcription Services

In simple terms, voice transcription services is the representation of speech in textual form. Given that recorded audio is an indispensable component of communication in this information age, voice transcription assumes immense significance. From conferences and seminars to legal proceedings, from interviews to customer service calls, there is a myriad of sources that generate audio output. And it is of tremendous informational value when the audio content is transcribed to text and used for various purposes.Knowledgeworks offers a comprehensive package of audio transcription services to cater to your broad range of requirements.


Professional voice transcription services demand a lot of skills. It involves understanding the voice in the audio files, as well as the context and intent, before representing the audio content in text. Our well-trained and qualified voice transcription team works closely with you to understand all the aspects of your voice transcription needs and provide the optimal audio transcription solution for you. We offer high-quality and cost-effective voice transcription services that cover all corporate and business transcription requirements. Our transcriptionists are not only linguistically proficient but also have domain-specific knowledge and expertise that helps them interpret the nuances of the recordings. They can also process challenging accents, both national and international, as well as the usual ambient sound present in many cases. We research vertical-specific terminology when needed, to ensure that the correct abbreviations and references are used.

Quality Check

Knowledgeworks prides itself on the quality of its voice transcription services and adherence to highest standards, which includes a two-stage proofreading process to ensure maximum accuracy. We make sure that quality is not compromised despite short turnaround times. Our team of audio transcription specialists works within a strict set of confidentiality procedures, keeping in mind the critical nature of corporate and academic discourses.

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