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We provide on-site, conference and telephonic language interpretation services in Bangalore to a host of corporate houses. Our interpreters not only have expert command over the languages but are well-accustomed with the cultural and linguistic sensibilities on either side.

Language Interpretation Services

We provide language interpretation services in Bangalore to our clients. Language interpretation broadly means the process of rendering a spoken message into another spoken language, preserving the tone and meaning of the source language content. The two primary modes of interpretation are Simultaneous interpretation (SI) and Consecutive interpretation (CI).
Knowledgeworks specializes in offering quality language interpretation services for a range of requirements. Our interpreters undergo a rigorous selection process based on their expertise in both the source and target languages, as well as their deep understanding of cultural and linguistic nuances on both ends. This process ensures ease of discourse in many different kinds of settings to assist you and your company with business growth and expansion.

We deliver language interpretation services in the following modalities:

On-site Interpretation Services

This on-site interpretation services at Knowledgeworks is designed to support scenarios that have an ongoing need for dependable on-site interpretation. Lengthy meetings, group interviews, court proceedings, and highly sensitive and complex medical appointments require on-site interpretation. This service is ideally suited for communications of sensitive nature. We work with you on an individual basis and help you determine when an interpreter should be at your side and provide you with an expert in the languages that you are looking for to excel in your project in every way.

Conference Interpretation Services

Business conferences are often attended by people worldwide who may not speak and understand the same language as the presenters. We provide professional conference interpretation services, where our interpreters listen to the speaker, process the information and simultaneously interpret the message into the target language, while the source-language speaker speaks uninterrupted. We provide our interpreters with hi-end equipment and devices such as special sound equipment, including a sound-proof booth, an interpreter control console, a transmitter, and receivers with earphones to help them in the project. Our interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth, speak into a microphone, while clearly seeing and hearing the speaker via headphones. The interpretation is transmitted wirelessly to the target language listeners who have a special receiver with earphones.

Telephonic Interpretation Services

When you need someone to understand your language immediately, we are only a phone call away! our telephonic interpretation services, also known as over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), are especially useful when the interpreter is needed for a short period, such as for a medical appointment or to communicate overseas by telephone. Just dial our dedicated number, enter your requirements, and request your interpreter. It is very easy and simple. Within seconds, a highly qualified interpreter will come on the line and help you communicate in your language.

Language, eLearning or Multimedia Services

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