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Our skilled pool of dubbing artists and sound engineers provide you dubbing and lip sync services that are too natural to distinguish. We cover everything from short-films, eLearning modules, computer-based training, games, TV shows, advertisements, documentaries to corporate presentations.

Dubbing and Lip Sync Services

We provide the post-production services of dubbing and lip sync for short-films, eLearning modules, computer-based training, games, TV shows, advertisements, documentaries, corporate presentations, and other requirements.

Dubbing provides a more enhanced user experience than what is provided by other solutions like subtitling. And lip syncing is a complementary post-production service that makes the dubbing more realistic and enhances its effect.

We have a large resource base of matching voice types and provide precise lip syncing to enhance accurate dialogue adaption. We also provide Automated Dialogue Replacement, also known as “ADR”. Sometimes the dialogue recorded on location is unsatisfactory either because it has too much background noise on it or the client needs further updates to the existing audio, so the voices are replaced in a “looping” session after the filming.

Knowledgeworks provides a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing services. Starting from script adaptation to casting, directing, recording and mixing, we provide complete, one-stop post-production voiceover services.

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