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Instrumental in generating business and being the driving force behind the organisation’s growth, Knowledgeworks’ Sales Team liaisons with national and international Clients (existing, as well as new) to assess and understand their linguistic requirements, and effectively presents Knowledgeworks’ wide range of language services that could be tailored for them. With some of the best managers, BDMs, and CRMs in its ranks, the Sales team spearheads Client acquisition and retention year after year.

Project Management (PM)

Knowledgeworks’ experienced and expert project management team is the key team ensuring end-to-end planning and execution of projects of various sizes, complexity and criteria. Comprising seasoned managers and project coordinators, this team acts as the primary interface with the Client regarding deliverables, and drives the workflow of the other operations teams in a streamlined manner to meet the project goals. In order to render services to various industry verticals more effectively, the team has dedicated units for Information Technology/Manufacturing, Healthcare, E-Learning/Voice-over/Multimedia and Strategic Accounts.

Quality Assurance and Process Engineering Department (QAPED)

The QAPED team, comprising the Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) units, is dedicated to ensure compliance with the quality benchmarks set by Knowledgeworks not only for its deliverables, but also for the processes that constitute its project workflow. The team members include well-qualified domain and language experts, auditors and analysts, and some of their key tasks include Quality Check of final deliverables, proofreading, sample evaluation, and audits.


Knowledgeworks’ Sourcing Team addresses the manpower requirements of the organization. It not only manages the extended team of nearly 2000-strong geographically dispersed vendors (translators, VO artists, linguists, writers) working for Knowledgeworks, but also recruits and empanels new resources based on requirements; this includes in-house recruitments as well. The team undertakes assessments, sampling, Non-Disclosure and Master Service-related aspects, availability check and vendor database management.


The exclusive L10N team manages the wide range of CAT (Computer-assisted Translation) tools used at Knowledgeworks. Its skilled technical personnel provide localization support and services to Clients in any required format, and process source content provided in any file format. The L10 team provides pre-translation file analysis reports on parameters like word-count and repetitions, file conversion from one format to other, and maintains Client-specific Translation Memories and terminology databases, thereby reducing the internal workflow as well as having a positive impact on the Client’s cost factor.

Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

The DTP team handles the typographical and presentation aspects of the translated documents. The team members have expertise in the leading graphic editing and document processing software packages in the industry. Since DTP in the translation industry goes much beyond the usual and involves intricate tasks like in-place replacement of image labels, Knowledgeworks’ DTP personnel are also trained in the relevant functional aspects of many of the major national and international languages.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The in-house SME team, comprising Subject Matter Experts drawn from different industry verticals, undertakes tasks like pre-translation Research and Content Analysis of source files, instruction list preparation for vendors, training of resources, project documentations, generating content like case studies and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reports, screening of new vendors, and providing inputs to the stakeholders involved in the project, thereby ensuring output of high quality consistently.

Sound Engineering

This well-equipped and well-trained team handles all aspects of audio recording, audio reproduction, sound mixing and post-production. They manage Knowledgework’s state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes a high-end recording studio and a complete suite of the latest hardware and software. Their focus on quality during the recording phase minimises the time spent in post-production, and at the same time delivering premium quality audio.

Graphics Engineering

The Graphics Engineering team handles all the Multimedia-related requirements of Knowledgeworks’ Clients. This includes animation with VO/BGM, audio/video synchronization, background score, special effects, and subtitling. This enthusiastic and creative team has successfully delivered premium quality output for projects in various languages and for leading Clients.

IT Team

Our IT support team employs network and database administrators, programmers, hardware engineers and technicians. This team looks into the various tangible and intangible aspects of Knowledgeworks’ elaborate IT infrastructure – network connectivity, data security, access control, backups, system performance, firewalls, encryption, software licensing and installation, and a lot more.

Translators and editors

Knowledgeworks’ in-house translators and editors extend their expertise to the other teams for the wide range of project requirements that arise. In addition to their proficiency in the respective languages, they also have competency in various industry verticals. If projects demand, Knowledgeworks also augments this team with contractual translators and editors who operate from Knowledgeworks’ office for the project duration.

Our external partners

The elaborate network of talented and trusted freelancers working for us is the second pillar of our success, the other being our in-house workforce. This dynamic resource pool bestows us with the capability and flexibility to confidently handle projects of any scale and complexity. This diverse team comprises people of different skills, nationalities, geographical locations and areas of expertise, who have been formally empanelled after a rigorous screening process and all associated legal/contractual formalities like NDA, CDA and MSA. Some of the key groups of freelancers who are closely and consistently associated with us as part of our dynamic extended team are:

  • Translators
  • Editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Flash Animation Executives
  • Linguistic and Functional Testers
  • Voice Artists
  • Interpreters
  • Transcribers
  • Language Trainers
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