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Online video and respective video translation services are on the rise and are on the way to become the most important communication medium globally. Pretty soon, video content will account for nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic. Therefore, in order to ensure your presence on the internet, it is imperative to have engaging video content.

However, just like how every business should try to speak their clients’ languages, video content works best when it is in a language tailored to its audience. That is why the best way to reach out a global audience is to have your videos translated by a professional video translation company. Here are 5 reasons why:

Increase your audience reach substantially through video translation

This goes without saying – the more languages you have, the wider your reach will be. By focusing only on one language, you are catering to a small group of audience and are locking out another section of your audience.

Video Translation is good for your SEO

Search engines can crawl caption texts as well. Therefore, the SEO benefits of video translation are many, especially for organic search. A professional translator will be able to do video translation with a focus on beneficial keywords.

Your brand will stand out from the crowd

While most brands still focus on creating content in one language, you can race ahead and add multilingual content to beat the competition. With multiple language video translation, you can easily tap into new markets and audience groups.

Achieve better audience engagement and retention

Studies have shown that audiences have better engagement with videos that are in their local language. This does not necessarily mean that the videos need to be in the local language. Even videos with translated captions can engage wider audience groups.

You can reel in viewers using sound-sensitive environments

With users accessing internet on-the-go, many end up watching videos at work or in other sound-sensitive environments. This means they would prefer watching videos that have closed captions.

In conclusion, having multilingual  video translation can help you reach a global audience and expand your customer base. With a team that is experienced in handling quality video translation for our clients, Valuepoint Knowledgeworks can help you easily achieve that. Our video translation services cover different techniques and components of video translation and this allows us to be flexible according to your budgets and projects.

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