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Language has become a powerful communication tool. India is a diverse country and pluralism in every sense, whether it is language, religion, food, clothing, culture is a unique feature of India. In this part of the world, for many years, many different cultures have lived side by side sharing reasonable harmony. Till date, in India, most states speak different languages and have very unique cultural features; even within the state, there exist different dialects of same language.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “No man should travel until he has learned the language of the country he visits.” Languages give us access to worldly understanding, and the more languages we acquire the better it is for us. As the most common language, English has taken up the role of lingua franca. As a global lingua franca, it provides a medium of expression to anyone who cares to learn it, and at an official or semi-official level, that means some 70 or so territories around the world.

People learn a lingua franca not for idealistic reasons, but for practical ones; mainly, in order to gain access to sources of (economic, political, technological, military, religious, cultural) knowledge and power. The danger, of course, is that, once that access has been achieved, a community will be drawn into the milieu of the dominant culture and lose its identity.

It is therefore very essential to respect and carry forward several other languages that exist. For companies managing region specific campaigns, it is important for the campaign to speak the language that the locals do. That is where Knowledgeworks steps in. We carry out in-depth research within the desired region and our team of linguists help us to create, translate and execute a campaign specifically targeted to deliver outstanding results.

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