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Clinical trial translation in Bangalore

Clinical Trial and Regulatory Documents Translation

Clinical trials are medical and health-related research studies, which test on the working of new medical approaches. The documentation for these clinical trials include different types of documents including Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), Doctor and Patient Guides, Drug Study Labels, Informed Consent Forms (ICF), Patient Questionnaires, Case Report Forms (CRF), Drug Inserts, Drug Master Files (DMF), Clinical Trial and Regulatory Documents.Lets see why clinical trial documents translation is required.

Nowadays, clinical trials are governed by strict guidelines and a declaration outlining standardized ethical practices that have lead to mountains of paperwork that has to be carefully scrutinized. Both translation and localization services are necessary for these documents to precisely represent and convey the outcomes of these trials and their implementation. However, translation of such documents has to be done very carefully, maintaining the level of accuracy and precision intact. The failure to do so can be extremely serious in terms of human lives, economic revenue, and even credibility. Therefore, the importance of clinical translators has become a key factor in the working of a pharmaceutical company.

With clinical trials growing at a rapid pace around the globe, translation services for these complex and sensitive documents are in high demand. However, the job requires the utmost care and professionalism. There is no room for even the minutest of errors in clinical trial translation. Accuracy, clarity, and attention-to-detail are a must when translating clinical trial and regulatory documents.

For supreme translation services, pharmaceutical companies are now going beyond simple translation services and focusing more on localization services. This entails the modification of a service or product to suit the differences in separate countries and markets. Outsourcing to professional localization and translation services is the ideal solution to help pharmaceutical companies to stay focused on their core business.

Are looking for an affordable solution for the translation and localization services for your clinical trials and regulatory documents? As one of the top translation companies in India, Knowledgeworks provides translation services to some of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Our team of medical translators is well qualified to consistently deliver linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate documents for the target audience intended by the writer.

Our translators have ample translation experience in the relevant field and we ensure reliable methodologies for different clinical trial documents in order to ensure precision and accuracy. Our scalable and flexible approach coupled with our years of experience has enabled us to deliver quality results that meet the required ethical and scientific standards in the industry.

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