Why Localization in Gaming industry requires Playability

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Game localization services

Game Localization Services

Almost every game is developed within a cultural context. That is why, in order to reach specific different markets, it is necessary to do game localization accordingly. Effective translation will help you attain that goal of reaching a wider audience, grow your market and become popular among more gamers. Translation can build credibility among your audience. However, in order to enhance player experience, it requires playability.

Playability is the ease by which a game can be played. Playability of a game gives a clarity on the quality of the gameplay. That is why, when considering game localization, playability is one of the crucial factors that is to be taken into account.

Game Localization is not just about translating the content of the game to a particular language for sale in that specific region. Depending on the quality of the game localization, the interaction of the players with the game can either be significantly improved or be noticeably reduced. That is why, it is important to ensure that the game works smoothly in the translated language and offers a flawless and smooth gaming experience. Playability plays a very important role in making sure that the final feel of the product along with the players’ actual enjoyment of the game experience is not affected.

Experienced translators create a style guide for the project that allows them to prepare a set of requirements for the project. This is because, video games require translation of a lot of content including the technical and legal documentation, manuals, and game dialogues. While translating the content, the translator needs to understand the type of text along with the platforms for which the project is developed for. Therefore, along with the intricacies of technical and functional adaptations, the linguistic and cultural translation also has to be taken care of. The translator should be able to translate the game while keeping its informative and functional nature intact. The quality of the game localization, depends mostly on the expertise of the localization agency. That is why for the successful game localization, it is necessary to rely on the services of a professional and experienced translator or a translation company.


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