3 A’s to consider for medical devices translation services

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Medical devices translation

Medical Devices Translation Services

In order to ensure the successful introduction of a medical product to a foreign market, accurate medical devices translation is an absolute must. As more companies are now starting to understand the importance of quality medical translation, the importance has now shifted to creating localization processes for accurate translation. In many ways, the basic localization workflow for medical devices translation is similar to any other localization workflow.

Since medical devices translation is often time-consuming and complex, it is imperative to rely on the services of a reliable translator or a translation company that is experienced in handling medical devices translation. To help you find such an experienced translator, here are a few tips for you.

Medical Devices translation services need to master in these three A’s:

  • Accuracy: as mentioned before, accuracy is one of the key factors in creating quality medical devices translation. Accuracy involves precision is spelling, grammar and other language nuances that have specific knowledge of the respective field and a clear understanding of how the device works. This is necessary because the jargons and the grammar involved in medical device translation must accurately convey the message. A poorly translated document can cause liability issues for the company if the device is used incorrectly by the end user because of inaccurate translation.
  • Appropriateness for the audience: this is one of the most important factors that need to be looked at while translating medical device documentation. Translation services that take into account the culture of the target region and the subtleties in the targeted language account for translation localization. That is why the company providing translation services must know the target audience well. Regardless of language accuracy, medical device instructions can be difficult to comprehend because of their complex and technical nature. Therefore, the translation should properly take into account the cultural and regional sensitivities of the target audience and language.
  • Attention to detail: only an experienced translator will understand the intricacies of creating a quality translation document taking into account every aspect of the process. They can help you plan every step of the process avoiding common errors and leaving minimal room for reworks. This way you not only get a quality end-product but also save time and money that would otherwise go for correcting and re-correcting errors.

With a team of qualified experts who will provide you quality end products every single time, Knowledgeworks can help your company in meeting these 3 A’s and deliver accurate and precise medical device translation according to your specific requirements.

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