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Translation is an important key in communication between organizations, between countries, between companies and their customers etc. One of the most common ways to get human translation services done is to depend on a translation agency or a freelance translator. However, lately machine translation has been gaining increased popularity. This is primarily because machine translation is easy to use, is readily available and is most often free of cost.

Although machine translation may seem like a convenient option to save money and time, the quality of translation is often compromised when handled through machine translations. In this case the structure of each term and phrase within the source text is first analysed and later broken down into elements that are recomposed into a term of the same structure from the target language. This method often generates incorrect translations because the structure of each language is different and only a human translation can take into account the differences in structures.

  • Machine translation can only translate what is programmed into its software. Therefore nuances, slang, and idioms can be misunderstood. Only native in-country speakers, who are well versed in the language and understand the idioms and slangs of the language, are skilled enough to find appropriate equivalents in the target languages.

  • Creativity and uniqueness will be lacking in machine translations. The complexity and the beauty of a language is something only humans can fully understand. That is why compared to human translation, machine translations always inherit a commonality.

  • Only humans will have the ability to add cultural elements to translations. Different cultures in the world have different lexical elements that are unique to respective cultures. In some languages same word will have different meanings and only a human translator will know the correct usage depending on the context of the word.

  • Machines will be unable to understand the requirements surrounding individual translation projects. Every new project would require new software updates. Machine translations will not be able to pick on evolutions and changes in the languages as fast as human translator.

  • Machines will not be able to implement tone in an article. A text translated through machine will lose the tone that was intended by the writer. Humans are the only way to match company culture in the form of text. This is particularly important in business communication.


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